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聖誕老人魔術表演 Santa Claus Magic Show






Welcome to the Hong Kong home of Santa Claus!

This year, add an extra-special touch of holiday *magic* to your event.
The Santa  Claus is available for childcare centers, preschools, private events,
corporate holiday parties, property clubs, civic organizations, hotels
and "Breakfasts With Santa".

Based in Hong Kong, Santa Claus is available throughout Macau and China
although other areas are possible; contact us for details.

"Thank you again for the incredible Christmas party. You are the perfect Santa Claus!"
 Mrs. Leung @ The ARCH Property



An experienced, professional, The Santa Claus is gentle and kind, and warmly
"authentic". They'll hand out gifts if provided by your facility; each child also
receives a candy cane!

An average visit to a preschool or child care center lasts 30 to 40 minutes,
depending on the number of children (roughly 10 to 20 kids). Longer visits
are possible, for larger groups.
Santa never rushes the children along, so to give enough time for everyone
to have their moment with him (and have their picture taken with Santa Claus
--don't forget the camera!),
call for an estimate of how much time you'll need. Of course,
we do allow for some flexibility.

Dates are limited and fill quickly; contact us right away for best selection!
We Ho-Ho-Hope to Visit You Soon!



Testimonials for Mr. Santa Claus :

"Thank you so much for making the day an overwhelming success!!
I don't know how it could have been any better!!!

You were absolutely fabulous! I would recommend you to anyone anytime!!"
Citibank, Hong Kong

"You are by far and large the most professional Santa team I have seen.
The time you spent with the children was just right. Your gentleness with
the little skeptics was always much appreciated. Happy holidays to you and yours."

Hong Kong International School

"All of our associates have been very pleased with the time and attention
that Santa gives each child. His genuine interest, gentle style and 'authenticity'
immediately put the children at ease. We have also appreciated the fact
that Santa doesn't rush with each child in order to squeeze them in during
his allotted hour. In each of the past two years, he has stayed a little beyond
his scheduled time in order to give full attention to each child.
This year, in fairness to Santa, we have booked him for two hours!!
Other qualities we have appreciated are Santa's timeliness,
authenticity of his costume, and the generous spirit."

J.P. Morgan Asset Management

"Everyone who came in loved you! I am so grateful for you to be willing to come
to the party, it made the children and adults smile. You are still being talked about!
If you are willing, I would love to have to come again next year."

Mrs. Wong @ Bel- Air Property

"I would like to highly recommend the Mr. Santa Claus that was provided for
the professional entertainment services at our party. I have used their services
many times since then and find them to be very professional and VERY believable
as children's entertainers. They enchant the adults as well as the children and
are extremely dependable people. They have never failed to be a total crowd pleaser!"

Pop Star Productions Ltd.

CONTACT US to schedule your Visit with Mr. Santa Claus this December!
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Call us: (852) 9341 5642