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Magic Express 魔術創意


Joshua Lee 3歲生日會

Thank you very much also for giving Joshua such a wonderful birthday party and must be one of his memorable moment in his life. Your performance is superb that offered solid program in terms of fun and excitement. Our guests do feedback to me and we all fully agree that this is one of the best birthday we ever experienced with sole honor should belong to you.

Anyway, I particularly (like most other people) appreciate the Magic part that can free most of the parents to enjoy their chatting and refreshment with the preceding tattoo and balloon session that I however will expect to be more interactive. You are definitely talented and in additional to it I especially respect your professionalism in having adequate preparedness on your make-up, conversation, joke and devices that seem like reading our kids' mind.

In a nutshell, you are definitely a highly ranked artist and I have no doubt in introducing Magic Express to others whenever it is necessary. I am looking forward to seeing again and wish that Joshua can be your successor in one day.

Best wishes and happy Chinese new year of ox to you.


~Mrs. & Mr. Lee, Enoch and Joshua
(Joshua Lee 3歲生日會)
(Joshua Lee 3 years old birthday party)