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Magic Express 魔術創意



Justina Chou於貝沙灣會所慶祝生日會

Justina and her friends enjoyed the show and keep asking me all the details of Magic show that impressed all of kids last Sat.

Thanks for your dedication and efforts to those kids!

Will forward your contact to other mommy and daddy!

(Justina Chou於貝沙灣會所慶祝生日會)
(Justina Chou @Bel-Air Club House Birthday Party)


Agnes Wong 於淺水灣道37號會所慶祝生日會

Thanks for your help on my Daughter Agnes's birthday party everything ran smooth on that day.
Most of my friends said that they had a wonderful time, and their kids loved to see you.
Your costumes (dress, shoes and make-up) were well prepared which fit that occasion.
Thank you very much

~Mrs. Wong
(Agnes Wong 於淺水灣道37號會所慶祝生日會)
(Agnes Wong Birthday Party @ No. 37 Repulse Bay Club House)


Jonathan Chiu於梅道1號會所慶祝生日會

It was so great! Everyone at the party said so. Magic Express provided a very good one stop services for my son birthday party. I highly recommend Conroy and Magic Express for any show.

~Mrs. Chiu
(Jonathan Chiu於梅道1號會所慶祝生日會)
(Jonathan Chiu Birthday Party @ The Mayfair Club House)


Brian Liu於何文田君頤峰會所慶祝生日會

Wow! Your show was excellent! We all had a tremendous time. Conroy helped make the birthday party special and one that will be long remembered by everyone there.

~ Mrs. Liu
(Brian Liu於何文田君頤峰會所慶祝生日會)
(Brian Liu Birthday Party @ Parc Palais Club House)


Ingrid Woo 於嘉亨灣會所慶祝生日會

It was great to have you in Ingrid's birthday party. No doubt this was the
best birthday party for Ingrid so far, it was well organized and controlled.
I had a lot of positive feedback from our guests about your outstanding
performance and I highly recommend Magic Express to all the parents. Conroy,
you are not just a magician, but also a REAL performer.

Thanks so much.

~Alan and Wendy Woo
(Ingrid Woo 於嘉亨灣會所慶祝生日會)
(Ingrid Woo Birthday Party @ Grand Promenade Club House)


Brandon Chai於清水灣道28號慶祝生日會

Thank you for your great performance at Brandon's
birthday party, the kids really enjoyed the show and parents are
happy to have you there to entertain our children, something
different, something special for us to memorize.

Everyone is very pleased to see that you are so well prepared for the
party with small gifts and "tools" for the games, and we especially
like your sparkling magic cape! You've shown your professionalism
although majority "audiences" are only 6 years old kids.

Once again, thank you for your wonderful performance!
Best regards,

Mrs. Chai
(Brandon Chai於清水灣道28號慶祝生日會)
(Brandon Chai Birthday Party @ No. 28 Clear Water Bay)


Chloe Lui於匡湖居會所慶祝生日會

I would HIGHLY recommend Conroy and Magic Express to anyone. Everyone loved the show even the adults loved them. I have never seen anyone who had total control over 30 kids for two hours!
~ Mr. Lui
(Chloe Lui於匡湖居會所慶祝生日會)
(Chloe Lui Birthday Party@ Marina Cove Club House)


Alissa Palla 於小欖浪濤灣慶祝生日會

Thank you for your excellent performance at Alissa's birthday party. All the kids and adults had enjoyed themselves very much that afternoon. It was such a successful party, Thank you !

~Mrs. Stephanie Palla
(Alissa Palla 於小欖浪濤灣慶祝生日會)
(Alissa Palla Birthday Party @ Aqua Blue)


Gigi Yuen 於銅鑼灣One More Cup Café 慶祝生日會

Conroy 米奇魔法師,


(Gigi Yuen 於銅鑼灣One More Cup Café 慶祝生日會)
(Gigi Yuen Birthday Party @ One More Cup Café, Causeway bay)


Coby Chan於將軍澳中心會所慶祝生日會


~Mr. Chan
(Coby Chan於將軍澳中心會所慶祝生日會)
(Coby Chan Birthday Party @Park Central Club House)

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